J.O.Y., Just Older Youth, is the name adopted by an seniors group that meets once a month at BFWC.  

The Purpose of J.O.Y. Group is to meet the spiritual and social needs of seniors from the surrounding communities in the lakeland region. This monthly event features a worship service tailored specifically to seniors.  

Meetings are on the first Tuesday of each month. Seniors will have a time of hymn singing, listening to some special musical presentations, and a message from someone involved in Christian Ministry.  

The speakers at these events have been pastors, evengelists, missionaries, or Seniors who have participated in some special Christian Ministry. A catered meal is served following the Worship Service. 

Seniors over the age of 55 are invited to attend this monthly event. To register your interest in the event, please contact:  

Henry - 780-645-4346

Marj - 780-645-2684  

The J.O.Y. group committee consists of:  

Peter Makarus, Chairman - 780-645-2671

Ron Ball, Director - 780-6453463

Henry Loewen, Director - 780-645-4346  

We look forward to meeting you!