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For the duration of this pandemic, we want to be available to serve the specific needs that may be beyond your reach at this unique time.

If you have a prayer request, are in need of prayer, or just need to talk to someone, we are here to pray for any and all needs. Please feel free to drop by the church office, call (780 645 4714), or email us at

Also, the church is open for prayer and conversation, and you are welcomed to drop by and pray in a safe environment, whether that be during office hours, on Wednesday nights between 7-8pm, or Sunday nights from 6:30-7:30pm.

We are here to help you if you are in need of someone to pick up groceries or prescriptions. We understand that leaving your home to venture to the store might not be an option for you due to a compromised immune system, elderly age or other medical reasons as a result of the threat of this worldwide pandemic. We would love to help you with this service if it is needed. You can call the church office at 780 645 4714 or email us at